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Entrepreneur, World Record Holder, University of Houston Alum, Current Professional Track Athlete, and Keynote Speaker

The sport of Track and field has taken me on a journey to learn essential life lessons in preparation for where I am going. Throughout the duration of my time as a JUCO athlete to then Division 1 athlete, from breaking a World Record and winning Nationals, to battling injuries and not going past NCAA Regionals, one truth still remains the same: "what you become as a result of what you go through is more valuable than the outcome on the other side of what you are going through."

As a leader and speaker, I will serve as a guide through life to ensure you are empowered to walk into your destiny as the best version of you. Destiny is not about the destination; it is about what you do when you get there ,and my purpose is to unlock your mind to the possibility that there is much more in you that meets the initial eye.

Through in person, virtual, and 1 on 1 sessions, Jermaine Holt Speaking and Consulting will be the best resource to bring out the best you.


Lets walk this out together.

Vision is validated when you can see it through the valley

" Jermaine Holt "

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